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Start with a unique identity that sets your business off from the competition. Your logo and visual identity are vital when it comes to presenting your business.

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Client: Spencer Schumacher, Bunbury Realtors

Logo and Business Card Design New pieces include a logo for Spencer, as well as new portrait and two-sided card emphasizing his strengths.

Client: Madison Platform Tennis Club

Logo and Business Card Design Card includes components integral to the sport: bright tennis balls, court surface, and chicken fencing for ball returns.

Client: Fine Woodworks

Logo and Identity Package Featuring handcrafted cabinetry and furnishings, this stationery reinforces owner's attention to detail. The design utilizes old style dovetail joinery, and the stationary incorporates deep tones which emphasize the hardwoods used.

Client: Tindall Consulting, Inc.

Logo and Identity Package Professional training and coaching consultant, this business owner wanted a human look to his mark, and the all-encompassing circle represents his wholistic approach.

Client: Acupuncture Works

Logo and Business Card Design An abstract swirl symbol alludes to the focusing or centering of energies that results from acupuncture treatments. The symbol insorporates of sense of energy, and ties in well with the type styles chosen.

Cient: Mimosa Community Bookstore

Logo and Stationary A unique organic logo with an Eastern flavor distinguishes this community bookstore. An open, stylized flower we created combines with a hand-brushed type style customized for the client. This logo has proven successful and has been applied to many formats.

Client: Zalta Infused Sea Salts

Logo and Stationary The logo type was customized to capture the true feeling of this line of naturally infused sea salts.

Client: Retailworks

Logo and Stationary A full-service store design firm, Retailworks prides itself on making every retailer a star in their industry. The logo type was handwritten, communicating the individualized approach they take with every client.

Client: Scott Construction, Inc.

Logo and Stationary This logo builds on the company's long-standing history and rock-solid foundation. The heavy but-modern type style chosen conveys that enviable reputation, and a photograph of the company's original tractor echoes the firm's longevity.

Client: Destination Development

Logo and Identity Package This tourism marketing and research firm is well-represented by this logo, which conveys its dimensionality and the breadth of the georgraphic range served.

Client: BIG Inc.

Logo and Identity Package This Y2K consultant prepared national clients for the big turnover. The logo mark incorporated the principal's initials, and the copper brown in the color scheme conveys that there is an earthy, warm element to this high-tech business.

Client: Abacus Bertz Insurance

Logo and Identity Package This logo was designed to illustrate the broad protection that the client's firm provides its national customers.

Client: Cottonwood

Logo and Stationary Emphasizing hand crafting, natural materials and the product's Asian origins, this mark features a stylized cotton flower and a font with a sense of movement. The mark has become a strong component of the company's brand and marketing position.

Client: Animart

Logo and Signage This fun image identifies a full-service pet store that reflects the range of pets, pet products and veterinary services available — yet it doesn't compromise readability. A strong statement and immediate success, the colorful logo adorns the store's interior signage as well as its front windows and doors. An immediate success!

Client: Back in Balance

Logo Design With a focus on maintaining balanced lifestyle, this wholistic health practioner wanted a mark that conveyed the stability and grace of her practice

Client: Mindspan Consulting, LLC

Logo Design Connecting Neuro Leadership and Science, this mark eludes to the change and dimensionality of the mind, and the human factor of this consulting and public speaking business.

Client: Anna Trull, Stark Realtors

Logo Design With the eye of an artist, Anna Trull brings a high level of professionalism to her work, yet allows her warmth and humor to shine through.

Client: Luttig Law

Logo and Identity Package The LL ligature reinforces the concept of the scales of balance, which commonly represent justice. The new tagline communicates the breadth of Attorney Luttig's business expertise in both legal and tax issues.

Client: Brain Power Cubed

Logo and Stationary Brain ovals represent multidimensional thinking and components of the company's philosophy: People + Performance = Profit.

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