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Start with a unique identity that sets your business off from the competition. Your logo and visual identity are vital when it comes to presenting your business.

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Client: Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission

A well-circulated bookmark promoting the regional art support of the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission.

Client: Gail Nordheim Consulting, LLC

This full-color brochure defines the breadth of expertise that Gail brings to her strategic planning business. Charts were designed to visualize the process Gail works through with her clients.

Client: SageWorks Construction

The fine craftsmanship and artistic eye of the contractor is showcased in these brochures and business cards.

Client: St. Coletta of Wisconsin

The faces and stories of St. Coletta's 100 year history are highlighted in this publication. The creative use of two ink colors received high praises from the client.

Client: Kirsh Foundry

Various cast iron pieces were photographed for these technical specification sheets, and the color palette creates a separate identity for each product category.

Client: Goodman Community Center

Invitations and posters for the Goodman Community Center's Grand Opening in fall of 2008. The brunch invitation was well-received by both staff and patrons alike.

Client: Douglas Stewart Company

Wholesalers of computer accessories and school supplies, these catalogs were designed to be easy to navigate, yet pages contained elements of interest.

Client: YMCA of Dane County

Print pieces featured personal element of the YMCA's programs in this series of fundraising brochures and correspondence.

Client: Helen Allen Textile Collection, U. W. - Madison

Brochure features textiles representative of the varied collection.

Client: Girl Scouts of the Black Hawk Council

Influenced by the popular scrapbooking craze, the 2004 annual report incorporated fun photos and accessories.

Client: Orthodontic Specialists of Madison

This brochure was designed to inform potential and current patients about the process of evaluating and treating children with dental concerns. Project inolved collaborating on the best strategy to visualize treatment process.

Client: Women's Intercollegiate Athletics, U.W.- Madison

Series of booklets for women's sports programs that won a national award.

Client: Star Auto Parts

Bold colors and clean graphics were incorporated to market this state-of-the-art auto parts wholesaler.

Client: St. Coletta of Wisconsin

These two-color brochures provide a warm, personable perspective for potential clients. Padua Heights brochure includes photography by Lois B Designs.

Client: Anna Trull, Stark Realtors

Contemporary and colorful New Years cards

Client: T'ai-Chi Center of Madison

The clean, graceful lines of T'ai Chi movement are consistent with the graphics of this brochure which marketed their video and book.

Client: Girl Scouts of the Black Hawk Council

1998 Annual Report featured elements from nature and the warm smiles of the girls.

Client: St. Coletta of Wisconsin

Annual report showcased individual client's stories and program highlights. Colors chosen for two-color printing created warm sepia-toned photographs.

Client: Barbara Scharpf

Greeting and business cards feature the artist's paintings.

Client: Print Partners

This oversize postcard was inserted into local publications, and both its heavy weight and dynamic graphics caught the reader's attention.

Client: St. Coletta of Wisconsin

This f ashion show invitation for a fundraising event played on the flowing, feminine lines of the apparel, as well as its location, the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Client: St. Mary's Foundation

A practical folder utilized for disseminationg information to current and prospective residents and patients. The background graphic ties in with the architectural styling of the hospital itself.

Client: Retailworks

This s et of inserts marketed the variety of services offered. Brush-stroke illustrations by Lois B Designs.

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